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Spring 2023
Aivy P.
Rannie L.
Una Z.
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UX Research
Visual/Brand Design
Web UI/UX Design
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Project Overview
This project is a capstone project which exhibited in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery during the UW 2023 Design Graduation Show. Within a team of three, we as designers and researchers spent 10 weeks to explore and reimagine the AI ecosystem within the mental health space.
Why AI & Mental Health?
With an increasing fear of being replaced by Artificial Intelligence in workplaces among the general public, people are questioning current rapid technological innovation.To create a positive vision for the development of AI and any new technology in the future, we as a team started to explore the possibilities to utilize AI power as an efficient assist instead of any kinds of replacement.

“What if AI can be applied in clinical therapy?”
Emotions like anxiety, fear, and depression are common human reactions that can be easily triggered by long-term social pressure. There is one in five people in the US is experiencing or will experience a mental illness at any possible future moment of his/her life. However, good therapists are always hard to find and reach out. And the therapy treatment is also a long journey to take. How can we help improve the efficiency during or between each therapy session?

We thought about tackle this problem from a smaller scope: directly helping the therapists by solving one single difficulty (processing handwriting/textual data) within a specific technique (journaling) in the clinical therapy process.

How Might We

Leverage patient journaling data between sessions to facilitate
better understanding between patient and therapist.

Since there are numerous products in the field to help patients with emotion regulation or digital treatment, this project is mainly designed to reduce work load and increase efficiency specifically for clinical therapists.
We have chose journaling as our main treatment technique because it's a necessary process between each session and the textual data produced is the hardest to deal with for therapists.
We are aiming to utilize AI power as an assistant to help recognize, analysis, and summarize textual data.


Airy, a data ecosystem that connects journaling information to evidence based treatment
suggestions for clinical therapists to utilize during in session moments with their clients.

How Does It Work?

Journal Review
+ Handwriting Recognition
+ Notable Quotes & Analysis Generation

Journal transported from the device 'emotiscan' will be saved under Journals. The platform will provide quick annotation and/or suggestions based on the keyword extraction.
Client Profile
+ Most Recent Journal Summary
+ Highlights & Graphs
+ Smart Read

The client profile page will prepare and display the most recent week's journal data for for the upcoming therapy session. Information are summarized in highlighted texts, graphs, and numerical analysis. To avoid over-reliance or misinformation, user can hover over any data point to view the detailed explanation or reference.
Report Tool
+ Drag & Drop Comparison
+ Smart Analysis & Self-generation

With simple drag & drop, therapists can easily compare and contrast multiple journal files. The platform will self-generate relevant summary or suggestions.
Report Generator
+ AI Instruction Box & Conversational Edit

Based on the mental modal of ChatGPT, Airy Report Generator will take any textual instructions or requests and generate the report as therapists need.